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Services and Rates

Your massage will be customized at each visit to serve your needs that day. Focus areas, goals and approach will be discussed at the beginning of each session. I use a combination of relaxation techniques to calm your mind and prepare your body for healing, and therapeutic techniques to manipulate and release tension patterns in the muscles. My goal is for your massage to be extremely therapeutic without being painful at all. If you have any questions about my approach or massage in general, please don’t hesitate to give me a call. I am here to help!

*** I will not be accepting new massage clients this summer 2023. Please check back in the Fall!

If you have a gift certificate or would like to speak with me please call, text or email anytime!

30 Minute Massage


If you have one problem area that needs focus work but you are pressed for time, this is the way to go.

60 Minute Massage


I recommend we start here. 60 minutes is enough time to do a full body massage and evaluate what’s going on. For future visits it is a good amount of time to do full body with one focus area, or 6o minutes of focus work like neck, shoulders and back.

90 Minute Massage


Perfect for full body massage with 1-2 problem areas that need extra time. Best option for achieving total mind and body rejuvenation.

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2 Hour Massage


Do I really need to say anything here to convince you that a two hour massage is just awesome? Nope, didn’t think so.

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Hot Stone Massage


Ultimate relaxation for mind and body. A full body massage done with smooth heated stones in hands at all times. Melts muscle tension and brain function at the same time (drool!). Amazing all year round but especially in winter months. Hot Stone Massage on a snow day will change your life forever!

Prenatal Massage


Oh baby! No one needs massage more than Mamas to be. You are a warrior! I mean really, so much is happening to your body in such a short amount of time. You are creating a tiny human inside your belly, you deserve a massage!


Deep Healing Massage


Not just a massage, a deep healing experience! Begin with a mind/body coaching session where you will learn how to receive bodywork in a whole new way and unlock your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Followed by a specially crafted 90 minute therapeutic massage for optimal (and amazing!) results.

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Additional Added Services

Cupping*  - Free add on to any service

Aromatherapy - Free add on to any service (choose from 3 different therapeutic blends)

Arnica Oil $20 - High quality, Anti-Inflammatory, great for pain relief, arthritis and pregnancy.

CBD Oil $20 - High quality pain relief cbd oil made locally in Newburyport, MA. Clients say they get longer lasting results from using this oil in their massage.

*Cupping: Also known as magic! Silicone suction cups are placed on areas of tension to lift skin and muscle fibers creating space for fresh blood (circulation) and oxygen to flow. Incredibly effective in reducing tension and repairing muscle tissue health. Sometimes, not always, circular red marks are left on the skin where the cups were placed. These marks are not bruises and are not painful. You may or may not have marks after your cupping session that can last up to a week depending on how unhealthy your muscle tissue was (the more unhealthy the muscle tissue, the darker the marks).

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