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Live Your Life Pain Free

Hi! I’m Cassie Winkle. A crazy cat lady, wine lover, fun seeker, massage therapist and mindset master!

My parents would tell you I have been trying to save the world since kindergarten so there’s no surprise I ended up with a career in the wellness industry! I also love a good mystery and the human body sure is that! So much so that after 17 years as a massage therapist specializing in chronic pain and severe stress disorders I still learn something new every day. I absolutely LOVE getting to know my clients and putting together clues between their lifestyle, their mindset and their body’s tension patterns. Just call me Sherlock!

I have a passion for positivity and uplifting others! It is my absolute favorite thing in life watching people transform how they feel when they work with me. Laughter is a daily requirement for me, it is as important as breathing. And my #1 superpower is my ability to always see the bright side. I am here on this planet to have an experience and to have a lot of FUN. I don’t sweat the small stuff and I am a master at navigating the big stuff. Stick with me and I’ll show you The Way!

Cassie is on a bridge smiling
Cassie is standing by a flower wall and smiling

"Cassie is AMAZING! I've been seeing her for a decade and she always gets me feeling better than when I came in. She's professional yet personable, and knows just how to work out all of the kinks. Highly recommended!!"

— Aaron C. (client of 10+ years)

When I’m not working I am reading, snuggling cats, watching movies, cooking and hanging out with my amazing husband, Brian. We enjoy traveling, boats and motorcycles. We have dance offs on a regular basis and of course make each other laugh on the daily :)

Cassie sitting on steps laughing

My Mission as a Mind Body Specialist is...

to help my clients release all limitations, physical and emotional, so that they can become ALL of who they are meant to be and live a life full of excitement, joy, freedom and FUN!!!

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